Sunday, 26 June 2011

No, no, no, no, no.

Yet again today someone rammed the bridge at speed. That will be the second time in three weekends. Guess who’s boat it was! College Cruisers yet again.

“I thought it was in reverse,” he said.

Whilst the tiller may operate in an odd manner the throttle doesn’t. Its forward to go forward back to go back. Now what part confused you?

I think seeing the speed he was travelling at if he had been in reverse at that speed he would have hit the boat behind him who was travelling far too close.

And then it was my fault because in my efforts to shout at him to REVERSE! I let go of the button. He would have hit the bloody bridge anyway.

Bloody typical Americans arrive at a fight late and blame everybody else when they get it wrong.

I suppose they could be forgiven for not appreciating history given that we started building Canals long before there was a US of bloody A!

1 comment:

Wiggins said...

do you count the Romans as "us"?
do you count native americans as them?

Otherwise, it's about a draw, date-wise.