Monday, 6 June 2011



This is the book I have finished. It contains 68,000 characters, 13000 words,1000 lines, 301 paragraphs and 48  pages. It has had its first edit. I have rewritten parts. I have agonised over content and have, now I am happy with it, just spent twenty minutes putting the 48 pages into a 24 pocket folder so that it nicely presented.




I bought a 24 pocket file because my book would fit. 24 pockets 2 pages to each pocket (printed single sided) = 48 and that is the number of pages I had to go in it. I know it is a 24 pocket folder because it says on the spine. And I believe in the quality because it has a good name ‘Snopake’. Well you would wouldn’t you, they have been around for years. And it comes with a five year guarantee. So why, when I inserted my 48 page book, did I end up with 4 pages left over? A: There only twenty-two pockets.



I was done yer ‘onour. One is not a happy bunny. Not only did it take 20 mins to get them in, but I now have to take the pages out again and if I can get another, with the right amount of pockets in it, put them back in again.

At 60 I cant afford to waste another 20 minutes. W H Smiths is not my friend. Boo!


Halfie said...

Maffi, double check that two leaves haven't stuck together. I bought something similar once and, like you, thought I'd been short changed.

Maffi said...

Thanks for the suggestion but I have done that already. That was my first thought. Had I just two pages left over that would a definate, but by the time I got to the centre I was sure I was short measured.