Friday, 24 June 2011

This is irony

Is it me or is it ironic the canals that were usurped by the WHEELS of the railway are being awarded Red WHEEL Plaques in an effort to promote tourism.

The Transport Trust which awards these Red WHEEL Plaques has as its logo a Locomotive WHEEL. I wonder what bright spark thought of that one. It’s like one more kick in the guts for the canals.



Anonymous said...

How far up did the water come, when you took the photo? ...Jackie

Maffi said...

It a screen capture.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Maffi,
I've had to break the golden rule - "don't post as anon" because Blogger bugger won't let me comment, just chucks me out. Perhaps they've had enuff of me or something, anyway:

I hear Ryan Air are queueing up on the gravy train with their new logo for the canals. It's a plaque with a set of aircraft wings to go on every lock. Which also signifies that boats don't have wings & locks don't glide..

And it won't hold any water either.