Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Enough is enough.

We are a small island. There is limited space. To allow the continued influx of immigrants into this country is no longer feasible, it hasn’t been for some time. To have a quota is nonsense. We need a halt and we need it now. Anyone who is too stupid to understand this, is too stupid to be in government.


Monday, 29 August 2011


I am having trouble getting my head round this. The government are casting BW into the ‘third sector’ so it can stand on its own two feet. Yet seven months before the Charity officially becomes a gigantic white elephant, the housing minister says hey I’ve got a great idea We (the government) have been so crap at sorting the housing problem why not make councils accept boats as affordable housing and compel them to make more moorings residential.

“Whilst they will never overtake bricks and mortar in putting a roof over the heads of families, innovative new ways of housing families – such as residential moorings – play an important role in allowing people to live near to their place of work, children’s school, or family, and where perhaps they would not be able to afford to otherwise,” said Mr Shapps. People have been living on the water for years there is nothing innovative about it.

This is simply a continuous moorers charter.

When I couldn’t afford to live in the area I wanted to or the house I wanted to I set my sights lower I moved to an area where I could afford a house I could live in. It is simple economics I cant afford to live in Mayfair so I don’t. In this day and age people do not work near to where they live and the children go to school.

What I want to know is why, now they are dumping BW, have they chosen to make this decision? If BW is to be a charity then it is up to BW if they want to also become a housing agency. And that is another problem BW see this as a cash  cow and have leapt onto the band wagon. Residential moorings generate a higher mooring fee than your straight forward ‘parking’ mooring.

For many years now the canal system has worked as a leisure facility, you cannot simply say it is now a housing estate and think nothing will change.

The plan is seriously flawed. Living on the water is not easy. It is something you have to want to do. Not every one who comes to the water is suitable. I see every week people who simply will not let go of their life on the land, who don’t know how to slow down and enjoy the water, have no consideration for the wildlife or the canal banks or other people on the water. Offer every one who says they want to live on the water a council house and I bet you they will all take the house.

Come and sit at Thrupp for a day and watch the fiasco that is boating. It is a farce from sunrise to sunset. Almost every boater is going to do what they want to do irrespective of it being right or wrong, irrespective of the damage caused, irrespective of the inconvenience caused to others. A lady tonight just stopped right in the middle of the navigation waiting for her husband to find a mooring. I was wanting to move a day boat across the other side and she was in the way. Why the hell couldn’t she just moor up and wait for her ol’ man to sort it. No just plain f***ing ignorant just sat there in the middle of the wide blocking traffic.

No Shapps’ plan to turn the canal into a housing estate will be an unmitigated disaster. I suspect the canal system will resemble Kowloon Harbour in a few years.

 I notice Shapps has no plans to let people into empty  national trust properties!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bascote & Gosport

Bascote and Gosport came through Thrupp today.




Fish ‘n’ Chips

This is a small Cod and chips. My question is why do they ever bother having a large Cod and Chips.DSCF0485

Barge Bookshop banned from trading in Bristol

This headline from the BBC is incorrect. I am really getting pissed off with all the complaints about this Book Barge not being allowed to trade at the floating harbour in Bristol. Not being allowed is not the same as ‘banned’. The BB sells to the public. The floating harbour is not a public space. Why should the Local authority grant her a licence to trade with the public where the public is not allowed to go.

The fact that she has a visitors licence and a BW trading licence is totally irrelevant, she does not have a licence to trade in Bristol. Bristol is not a part of BW.

Ms Henshaw says, “. . . with the amazing maritime history in Bristol I do feel that the city does have something to gain from the floating bookshop."

Like what! What has a canal boat got to offer an ocean harbour that it doesn’t have already? Ah a whining girl that cant get her own way, but they probably have a good supply of those already.

Saturday, 27 August 2011


If you should get a comment on your blog from a Majid Ali saying Please help me for Chris sake.


It is a scam to get you to click on his site. The effect is to toy with your computer and just generally piss you off.

The clue is on the profile page. He has made only 65 posts (mostly copies of others peoples writing) and yet this has gained him over 7000 profile views. That is a lot!

He has sent his 'Please help...' plea to my site many times


This is my note book. It’s a 200 page A6 spiral bound note pad. My self sharpening pencil fits down the spiral. I have it with me almost all the time. Last weekend I lost it, well misplaced it is more apt, but it doesn’t go half way to describing the  trauma I suffered.


This note book currently has 2000-3000 words of chapter 3 of my book The Glibich in it that I could never replicate, as well as ideas of other things I will be writing. Losing it was devastating.  I searched everywhere I thought it may be to no avail.

Early yesterday morning, walking through the boat, it just plopped down at my feet. Where it came from I have no idea but I was so glad to see it I kissed it.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Happy Thrupp

Yesterday was fun. A lady and her two children came to hire a canoe, or was it kayaks? Any way the boss bought them to me explained what was wanted and said, “I will leave them in your capable hands Maffi.”

“Oh! you’re Maffi,” she says, “we’ve been reading you blog today. We didn’t expect to be meeting celebrities. We saw Mortimer Bones is moored near by.”

The children went out for a nice paddle while mum followed them down the canal. I don’t think mum was feeling quite so brave as the kids.

I love this job everyone comes back happy having enjoyed themselves. Some get wet but not many.


I made a comment on a newspaper site. Before I could post it I was asked to ’Please adhere to our Community guidelines’ . There were thirty pages. After I took out the 11 pages of credits at the bottom I was left with nineteen A4 pages to read, which of course I didn’t. Is one really expected to read all this junk?

There are more words on the first page than in the American Declaration of Independence which spawned a whole nation. Why do these newspaper moguls feel the need to cross all the ‘i’s and dot all the ‘t’s.

This set of guidelines includes a ‘swear words’ list a ‘words with dual meaning’ list and a minorities word list.

You can say testicle, in context of course, but you cant say b*****k(s)

You can say vagina, but you cant say c**t. Personally I have never used this word as a noun, but hey what do I know.

You cant say twat because it is another word for vagina. Oh really!

You cant say c**n but you can say ‘coon. The former is an archaic americanism for slave while the latter is a shortening of racoon, but heaven forbid if you forget the apostrophe.

Whilst you cannot say ‘he p*ss*d in the road’, you can say ‘he is as pissed as a fart’.

You cannot use any slang word for ejaculated semen such as J*sm or J*zm though you can say masturbate but not w**k or t**s

I know a few of the Jewish faith but according to the paper I cannot call them y*ds they are Yiddish, they however are allowed to call me a Brit even though I am not Br*t*sh

All aboard the Skylark!

I can’t help but laugh when reading this story about a man who has a narrowboat that looks a bit like a submarine, only a bit mind you.

Read the story its fun. It is very tongue in cheek, well thats how it appeared to me because if this a a serious piece of journalism I will eat my boat! It is a story full of absolute nonsense and bollix. The writer might consider a career in comedy writing. I fail to see why the writer thought it necessary to say (erroneously) that a narrowboat cannot be more than 70 foot long when he had already mentioned it was 70 foot long

A feared German submarine has surfaced’ on a sleepy stretch of Lancashire canal.

Traditional narrow boat users were yesterday left stunned by the overnight arrival of the 70 foot long “killer of the seas”.

But the man who owns the sub – nicknamed Admiral Cyril – now faces an investigation from waterways bosses.

His craft on the Leeds -Liverpool canal at Botany Bay near Chorley is virtually identical to the underwater craft which sank 3,000 Allied ships during World War Two.

The work of the Nazi submarine fleet was featured in classic war film Das Boot.

And it was that film which sparked old sea dog Cyril Howarth into building a submarine of his own...without the risk of ever having to utter the order Dive, Dive,Dive.

For the placid water of the canal is a mere six feet deep and his craft U-8047-cuts through the water at a modest three miles an hour.

Cyril spent £25,000 on the shell of a traditional narrow boat and engine.

He shelled out another £25,000 instructing a Liverpool-based yard to build him an identical U-boat super structure.

Retired trawlerman Cyril ,from Thornton Cleveleys, said: “You should have seen the faces of the locals when they woke up and found a battleship grey German navy U-boat in their midst.

“It is the culmination of a 12 month dream. I have always studied naval history and the role of the submarine.”

Mr Howarth will have to up-periscope in the future as British Waterways inspect his dream boat.

A spokesman said:”A narrow boat cannot be more than seven feet wide and 70 feet long.

“We cannot run the risk of a collision and having someone sunk by a submarine.”

David Wilson, 61, has been angling on the stretch of canal for 20 years. He said: “I found myself looking at a steel grey sub. I thought some film was being shot in the area. What next... the battleship Bismarck and Admiral Doenitz.”

Source Lancashire Evening Post

It’s Chrissssst-maaaaassssssss


Two Christmas trees arrived in the Thrupp this week. We still haven’t made it to the bank holiday weekend yet, but there they were. ‘Daddy’ said something about photographs for Christmas advertising, of course I believe him.

Oooo again!

Oh not again! Scarcely a month since it was fixed back into place and  along comes (dare I say another woman driver) and she bumps over the bridge post. Of course it shouldn’t have been there, but why blame everyone else. The driver of the car hit the post, yes there was another car parked improperly but that didn’t make her hit the post. Lack of proper attention did that.

22082011630She then left the car there blocking the bridge while she went to collect names. I asked her to move the car. “When I am finished,” she said. I told her to MOVE the car, pointing out that she was on private property and affecting business.

22082011632It’s a tiny scrape hardly worth the hassle.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Molly is a bit of a tart. She loves attention and will roll over for a cuddle. She is anybody’s for as long as you want. Last week she found some new friends in Annie’s Tea Room. 13082011595


I’m sorry but I just don’t get it! President is not an old boat its a copy of an old boat with old boat bits in it.  Yes its pretty but I can’t understand all the dick jerking that goes on over it. I don’t go out of my way to see it, but if it is passing I will step off my boat to watch.

One has to wonder why if it was so great did FMC fit a 15 horse power Bolinder in 1925. Yes it is an interesting piece of history (of sorts) but I refuse to have an orgasm over it.

It is currently a leisure boat like almost every other boat boat on the system.

Drunks in boats

The crew in this picture are unbelievably stupid. No more comment needed.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bloomin’ loverly


Ho hum another boring day at the office!

Those who have been following me for a long time know I have no love for Islam or those that follow this archaic form of social control. Least of all when they rob me and kill those with whom I worked. I have written about it often though not on this blog. Tonight I received an email containing death threats and a demand for money. It wouldn’t be the first time I have received death threats, I take them in my stride, but I was a bit perturbed to find the value they put on me was only $3,500. I must be worth more than that surely if only on the spare parts market.
I went on line and reported it to the police and didn’t expect to hear from them for a week or two if at all. Within 15 minutes an officer phoned to discuss the email with me. I can only think its a quiet night at TVP Kidlington.
The probability is its a hoax/scam, as I thought, but they hadn’t seen this one before and will look into it. I tried Snopes to no avail.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

I despair!

Camouflaged by the over growth. Right across the towpath. Doh!DSCF0392

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sign wot Sign?

Yet another waste of BW money.

It doesn’t matter whose boat it is but this happens every week. Clearly marked with a NO MOORING sign and clearly marked with a board saying

British Waterways

And yet still boaters ignore the signs. Is it an education thing or are people just plain stupid? Its not like he moored between the post then he could claim he didn’t see it, but right by his tiller? If his eyesight is this bad then he shouldn’t be driving a boat in the first place. It’s just plain ignorant disregard of the rules and people such as this (me included) are no different to the hoards that swept through our cities breaking the rules, this month.


No one likes the rules, but without them the fabric of our society falls away and declines into lawlessness where no one is safe.

Atta boy!

There is nothing Boots likes more than a fresh tasty rabbit. I don’t think he could be turned into a vegetarian, ever!DSCF0400

Friday, 19 August 2011

Boats facing long delays on canals in Northamptonshire

Boat users on canals in Northamptonshire are facing long delays in getting through locks. Low levels of water are affecting the movement of vessels on the waterways. A dry spring and summer has been blamed for the situation. Some locks are only open for four hours a day, restricting boats' movement.

Tim Coghlan from Braunston Marina said: "Around 20 boats a day get through the locks and these delays will affect harbour companies." He added: "The extent of the dryness has been quite dramatic this year. "We have been through cycles of it before, but this year we are suffering."

Jeff Whyatt, who runs the county's canals with British Waterways, said: "We are hoping to get to the end of the season and then hopefully the winter will be another replenishment period."

Source BBC

I wonder if Jeff Whyatt got a share of the bonus pay out?  Because what’s getting me at the moment is this: as you know I have been on a writing course for the last year. I have been taught to pick out groups of things in written passages. Related things like colours or sounds or similar words etc etc. What I have noticed here is related words. Jeff says, “Season. . . winter. . .  period.” These are all short term not looking past the transition to charitable status. He also says “Hoping and hopefully”

So remembering an earlier post ‘we pay top dollar for the best’. WE pay top dollar for people to HOPE it all turns out OK. Well excuse me, but, I can ‘hope’ for FREE and in doing so save BW a fortune.

I ask; when we get to the end of the season then the winter, our replenishment period, passes and there is still no water what then? What will the powers that be at BW be ‘hoping’ for next. A treacle filled canal, gingerbread boats, marmalade skies, chocolate willow trees because its all from the same book of fairy stories.


Bonus Addendum

Of course the overall effect of the savings made is not a great as they would have you believe. Yes BW is paying out less in salaries but central government is paying out more in unemployment benefit. So in effect the bonuses are simply a reward for shifting the cost from one government department to another! Giz a job!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

BW press release

Statement concerning performance related payments

18 August 2011

Last year, against exceptionally challenging circumstances, British Waterways achieved a £9.6m better financial outcome than planned. This was mainly due to better commercial performance and significant savings in cost.

As a result, British Waterways was able to maintain expenditure on maintenance and repair of the historic waterways at similar levels to previous years despite a reduction in grant funding. The structural condition of the network improved again in 2010/11 for the fifth year in succession (measured as the proportion of structures in the worst condition).

The Board of British Waterways, which is appointed by Government, wishes to recognise the exceptional contribution made by certain staff, including executive directors. Accordingly, and in strict adherence to government guidelines, they decided that capped Performance Related Payments should be made.

In total some 215 people (12% of the workforce) will receive a Performance Related Payment.

Now I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of being told that to get the best you have to pay top dollar. Its very irksome. If these people are the best, then we are paying them top dollar to do their job, which I assume includes the ‘proper management’ of the funding they are given in the job spec, so why when they do that job do we not just give them a pat on the back instead of a pornographic bonus. Why are we paying them a bonus for doing their job when they have already been paid VERY handsomely because they are, supposedly, the ‘best’. Is it that they are not expected to do what they are paid for and in a moment of surprise when they actually perform as per contract the powers that be cant help throwing money at them. It defies logic.
What makes them the best? What qualifications do they have that others don’t? It certainly can’t be boating because recently the chief engineer said to a working boater in this area “Tell me exactly what you are doing, I’ve not been on a boat before.”

Robert John Phillips of Mold

Robert John Phillips is a talented man, if you ever speak to him he will tell you so. He will also tell you, after a few beers, that he still carries a lifetime ‘licence to kill’ issued while he was serving in the military (this of course is bollox). The one talent he will not tell you about is his ability to fool the police. During the last thirty years he has convinced the police that at least four separate complaints (there maybe six) made against him were unfounded, complaints of sexual impropriety with minors. In short Robert John Phillips has been ‘accused’ of rape and inappropriate sexual behaviour with four minors. He has never been convicted.  He has yet to be bought to justice.

It is nearly thirty years since my oldest daughter made a formal complaint to the police, I was present. Though he was taken in custody he was released without charge.  He then went on to ‘allegedly’ assault my second daughter, he thought it was OK to walk unannounced, naked into their room, with an erection, ‘for a chat’, while his wife was asleep. More recently he has ‘allegedly’ sexually abused at least two of my granddaughters. Yet even with this body of evidence the police say that is not enough. His wife, my ex-wife, stands by him and in my opinion probably lies for him. She knows the truth yet she will not put the safety of her children and grandchildren first.

He is also a bully. He ‘allegedly’ makes my grandson (5) feel small and inadequate simply because he is a gentle child. He was recently arrested on charges of domestic violence against his wife a wheelchair bound 61 year old polio victim. She dropped the charges, when he said he was sorry, on condition he went to anger management classes. He hurt her quite badly and still the police do nothing.

If he was ever convicted this man would be in jail for the rest of his life, but the police refuse to take the necessary steps to make this happen.

What really hurts is that I used to deliver my children to his house, for the legal visits with their mother, before I knew of any of this.

Robert John Phillips, now about 63, lived  in Whittlesey nr Peterbourgh in the 80s then moved to Corwyn in North Wales in the 90s and has for the last couple of years has lived in MOLD. If you know him and if your children may have ever been alone with him please ask them pertinent questions. If they should corroborate this story please go to the police.

Martin and Ed

This is Martin and Ed repairing a wall at the Manor. Since this picture was taken part of the wall has fallen further along. It all makes work for the working man to do.DSCF0138They are cementing the wall because the stones are old and will not survive dry walling again. Of course new stones could be used but that costs a fortune.


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Questions, questions, questions.

Cladosporium resinae, . . . . . . . . . . or as boaters call it Diesel Bug, could be on the increase because of the compulsory inclusion of a bio element in the fuel delivered to your tank. If a tank gets ‘infected’ it can be for one of two reasons.

Firstly, the boaters personal ‘tank’ hygiene is not up to spec. How many boaters check their fuel for the bug? How many boaters check their suppliers fuel before they let it in their tank?

Secondly, the suppliers storage tank hygiene. How many suppliers check their tanks? How many suppliers clean the delivery nozzle to avoid transferring the Bug from boat to boat?

How much do we all know about Cladosporium Resinae? Not enough I don’t doubt. Have a read it is interesting.

Do suppliers treat their fuel, or do they assume we treat our tanks? Should suppliers treat their fuel? is probably the question that needs to be asked. (Dusty does down here on the Oxford)

Do we know how to check the water content of fuel being delivered to us or do we assume that the supplier does all that?

What is the legal requirement of suppliers to a. check for water content and b. check for CR? Is there a requirement?

Is enough being done to publicise the problem?

Why does the end user have to foot the bill for the effects of increased instances of CR due to the inclusion of bio diesel?

I am going to find out!

Diesel Bug

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

BW Management Bonus Payments

British Waterways workers have this year been given a pay award of between £100 & £200 instead of a proper pay rise even though inflation is running at 5%. Whilst I don’t think this is right, we live in troubled times and everybody is required to accept less in order to speed the financial recovery of the country. Everybody that is except British Waterways Management.

Robin Evans the current CEO of BW is to receive a £15,000 bonus on top of his annual salary of £222,000 all the other directors will receive a paltry £12,500 there are many people working for BW who’s salary is not that big and yet these leeches somehow seem to get a bigger slice of the cake.

What I want to know is what have they done to deserve this bonus? Isn’t £222,000 reward enough for what Robin does. What does he do? Last year his salary bonuses and pension benefits were reputed to be in excess of half a million pounds.

Just so you understand the severity of this Robin Hood Evans receives £4269.23 per week that’s £609.89 per day, assuming he works 7 days a week which I very much doubt, so that’s £853.84 a day for a five day week, (I live on a little over half that a month) and yet more and more jobs are being turned in to volunteer posts that get people working for free.

Hey Robin, how about you work for free?

Julia Long, Unite national officer, said: “The announcement that British Waterways is to award directors bonuses worth more than the annual salary of some of our members shows nothing but contempt for the workforce. . . . . . . The government has reduced the amount of money provided to British Waterways over the next five years, which we believe is not enough to sustain any growth. To use this money to award massive bonus payments to management simply beggars belief.”

I only have one thing to say to Julia Long: Are you really surprised?

Main Source: Waterways Wartch

Monday, 15 August 2011

Europeans did this

This is very disturbing!
Don’t watch this unless you want to cry!
You will cry, trust me!
Use the pause button to read the captions.
The people that did this are bound by the same rules we are. If this happened here the perpetrators would go to gaol, yet this is common place in Spain. 50,000 dogs die like this in Spain every year and their government do nothing, the EU do nothing. This is yet another good reason to leave the EU, I know I don’t want to be associated with people who can do this.
I wonder if they’d stop if we stopped going to Spain on holiday
or stopped buying Spanish goods!
Shall we give that a try?

Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Charity

Tony Hale says reference the change to charity status

“. . . . .  good progress is being made and there are no show stoppers for an April launch”

Its funny that because as Peter Underwood points out in his article Waterways Charity is a dangerous con trick on the Norbury Blog

The parliamentary group of MPs with waterways interests is saying the new charity will be unacceptably short of cash and undemocratic. The Residential Boat Owners Association, even though it still thinks it is a good idea to have a charity, also has severe doubts about the levels of cash, the lack of accountability and the complete failure to make either the charity or the government responsible for actually keeping the waterways open.

Now if that isn’t a show stopper (or two) I don’t know what is. Tony Hale seems to have that man thing, he can’t see the wood for the trees mainly because he is looking at the floor. You could brand it into his forehead so he could read it every morning when he shaves, but he still wouldn’t accept that this is wrong or even suspect. We men are, in the main, all the same. We don’t need a map. We don’t need a plan. We don’t need a set of instructions. We blindly follow the path until we fall off and then blame someone else or the design. And this is exactly what is going to happen when it all goes pear shaped, find a suitable scapegoat and probably pretend they never wanted it in the first place.

If the Waterways must be a charity then please put it in the hands of people who care, not a government marionette who doesn’t give a s**t.

If the max salary for being a director of BW was only £20,000 a year I can think of ten people who would not figure in the discussion at all!

But of course that is only my opinion and it don’t count for much.


URSA MINOR N9749 Built by PAT BUCKLE/ANDICRAFT - Length 17.07 metres (56 feet ) - Beam 2.08 metres (6 feet 10 inches ) - Draft 0.61 metres (2 feet ) Metal hull, power of 999. Registered with British Waterways number 515294 as a Powered. Last registration recorded on 31-May-2011.

URSA MINOR Built by P Buckle in 2003 - Length 17.1 metres (56 feet 1 inch ) - Beam 2.08 metres (6 feet 10 inches ) hull colour Blue a Diesel Inboard engine with a power of 32. Registered with EA Anglian Region number N9749 as a Motor boat. Last registration recorded on

I wonder if this boat, which has two entries in the log, is the same Ursa Minor that came past me breaking wash over the bank this morning?

All Greek to me

Yesterday we spent an hour or so at the Ashmolean Museum. They have an exhibition entitled From Heracles to Alexander the Great. Most definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

10082011591I took this picture before it was pointed out to me that there was ‘No Photography Allowed’. I suppose I should have deleted it, I even thought about it, but I asked myself why not? It cant be a copyright thing. Most of the exhibits are the proceeds of grave robbing so it cant be that the ‘owner’ objects.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

And this from the Duchess

To all that took part in the riots:
you have embarrassed your country, you have shamed your nation, you have put England into deeper recession, you have taken the livelihoods of the working citizens that kept you afloat, you have left lives and homes shattered. in my opinion every damned one of you should be involuntarily drafted to make you fight a real fight standing next to real men and being taught what it means to respect your country and respect others!

A damning indictment of PC

I found this on my FB acct

To all the Political Correctness crowd, the ones who think criminals deserve human rights, and that bad children should not be reprimanded :-

Welcome to the country YOU have created I hope you are f**king happy with the louts that YOU protect and champion and that you are happy that YOUR taxes and insurance premiums are going to pay for the clean up . You sicken me just as much as the tossers out their ripping the hearts out of our cities, communities and livelihoods.

I think that about covers it!

And there was this

RIP Broken Britain.. You went soft on discipline!.. You went soft on immigration!You went soft on crime.. Parents were told.. 'No you can't smack the kids'....Teachers were prevented from chastising kids in schools.. The police couldn't clip a troublemaker round the ear.. Kids had rights blah blah blah.. Well done Britain..You shall reap what you sow.. We have lost a whole generation!!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Riots? What riots?

Every once in a while I find that those who are paid to ensure that we have a quality of life, that is commensurate with being a modern society that is taxed to the hilt, have taken a handful of stupid pills and have lost all sense of reason.

Theresa May is the face on the spot now that the country has erupted into near anarchy. Reading her speech, reported here in the Guardian, to the assembly at the Police Superintendents Conference I am GOBSMACKED that one of our leaders could be so absolutely out of touch with reality. The Home Secretary’s response to rising costs has always been ‘cuts & savings’, robbing ‘Peter to pay Paul’.

Theresa May: We can cut police budget without risking violent unrest! Oh you are so wrong lady. In times of difficulty the police budget is the one that has to be protected.

The Home secretary calls for rational debate over spending cuts and rejects police prediction of a ‘Christmas for criminals’. What does she know about policing? What I think she is saying is, you will do it my way. This is not rational debate it is mindless ignorance of a very serious situation. What is it with women in power that they all think they have to be as bloody minded as Maggie T, that doyen of British politics that did nothing for women except set them back 100 years in the ‘struggle’.

I wonder at what point she will apologise for her ‘Michael Fish’ moment and stand down from office. Will she just blame everyone else or do the honourable thing. Well she is a politician with slopey shoulders and is, as politicians always are, adept at dodging the responsibility that would fall on a square pair of shoulders. Home secretary if you aint up to the job resign. I’ll have that in writing on my desk first thing in the morning, Thank you. 

 Telegraph: London's rioters are the products of a crumbling nation, and an indifferent political class that has turned its back on them.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Lazy day

I am having a lazy day, did you notice?


Thoroughfare is a common word, but as Andrew Denny says it is an odd word. It is made up from Old English and Middle English

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A thoroughfare is a place of transportation intended to connect one location to another. Highways, roads, and trails are examples of thoroughfares used by a variety of general traffic. On land a thoroughfare may refer to anything from a rough trail to multi-lane highway with grade separated junctions; on water a thoroughfare may refer to a strait, channel or waterway. The term may also refer to the legal right to use a particular way as distinct from the way itself.


1. A main road or public highway.

2. a. A place of passage from one location to another.

    b. Right to such passage.

3. A heavily travelled passage, such as a waterway, strait, or channel.

Middle English thurghfare : thurgh, thorow, through; see thorough + fare, road (from Old English faru, fær, from faran, to go; see fare).]

The Brushtail Possum

Introduced into New Zealand about 150 years ago from Australia, the brushtail possum multiplied to over 70,000,000 by the 1980s. With no predators, this pest has decimated huge tracts of New Zealand native forests eating 21,000 tons of vegetation nightly. Both bird life (including the Kiwi) and many unique types of trees are threatened with extinction because of the brushtail possum. This marsupial is only very distantly related to the American Opossum.

Pic from Wiki

There are no native predators of the possum in New Zealand. There have been numerous attempts to eradicate them, because of the damage they do to native trees and wildlife, as well as acting as a carrier of bovine tuberculosis. For New Zealand, the ecologically disastrous effects of the introduction of possums can be described as similar to that of the introduction of rabbits and cane toads in Australia.

Since 1996, efforts have been made to use possum fur in clothing. A blend of Australian brush tailed possum fur with merino wool was developed by Untouched World, a New Zealand fashion label. The product is called merinomink, eco-possum, possumdown, eco fur or possum wool, and accounts for 95% of all commercially caught possum fur. Possum fur is also used for fur trim, jackets, bed throws, and possum leather gloves. All the fur is obtained from wild-caught possums, which are considered pests.

In 2009, it was announced that conservation measures (such as by the DOC) had met some significant success, and had reduced the possum numbers to less than half of the 1980s levels, a drop from around 70 million to around 30 million animals. Almost half (13.3 million hectares) of New Zealand's vegetated land is under some form of possum control, either for conservation reasons, or to reduce the spread of bovine tuberculosis.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Indecent behaviour.

If you are going to behave like a slut and and her trick then you mustn’t be surprised if the car turns up on a blog somewhere. Today this car arrived in the car park below the steps then all manner of unimaginable events took place. Not only were they at it in a place where members of the public could see but they even had the doors open. Well if you daughter is going out with the owner of this vehicle have a word with her about social responsibility and makes sure she has enough money to GET A ROOM when she goes out. If this is your car HK02 VUJ you wont be doing this again. Trust me!


Boat thefts!

Following the theft of my poo pump, I called the local police to report it. The number I had on speed dial for the local cop shop went straight to FAX mode. Oh that is so annoying! So anyway I went on line to get another number. The lady I eventually spoke to asked lots of questions, as they do, and said an officer will be round in the morning. Well the officer called and said he was on his way to a bigger problem and would ask for a CPSO to be sent around. At the time I originally wrote this I was still waiting. I am not complaining the police have far more important things to worry about than my poo pump. I am happy to wait.

In all things boating, relating to thefts, we all must keep reporting incidents to the police. As a policeman said to me a while ago, “If you don’t tell us we don’t know there is a problem. If we don’t know we can’t deal with it.” This of course makes sense. Boaters are being targeted by other boaters and non-boaters alike.

I know this will be unpopular, but there are more and more suspicious boaters on the canal these days. And with BW encouraging people on to the towpath it seems logical that there will be an increase in nefarious characters who will see the canal as a trip through a supermarket. Making their shopping selections and popping back later to pick up the goods when no one is home.

We all have to be very diligent. Suspicious characters should be challenged. A simple approach and a “Can I help you,” might be enough to let them know they are being watched. Keep an eye on the boats in your area. Don't be afraid to call the police if you see suspicious gents (or gentesses) taking a great deal of interest in the boats around you. I make a point of taking pictures of ‘suspect’ people and cars parked nearby. Often people go away if you take a picture, especially kids. They disappear very quickly!

We live in difficult times and we all need to be vigilant.

Oh and if you are offered a poo pump on the cheap I would be interested to hear from you.


My Bad

Today I sent out a day boat which got as far as the river then conked out. Whilst on my way to the stricken boat several testosterone units boarded the boat to help (the day boat crew were all girls). The TUs all declared the battery was flat. Well both you and I know this is preposterous, boat batteries are never flat, a bit cuboid maybe but never flat.

Why is it that with the engine turning over nicely and not starting that people assume the battery is flat? No one thought to see if there was fuel in the tanks except me. Fortunately as I was phoning for reinforcements a boater who heard my call said, “I have a jerry can full of fuel.” For this I was very grateful. I arranged to use his fuel and replenish his jerry can back at Thrupp.

With the day boat filled with enough fuel for the rest of their trip I gave the girls a bottle of wine from my own stock by way of an apology and sent them on their way. I set off back to base to arrange for fuel. The Thrupp Canal Cruising Club, despite my occasional diatribes about them, were very helpful. The new mooring wardens, Flick and Adam, conversed with Mark to work out how. Thank you very much guys!

On the down side I loaned my bicycle to the Samaritan so he could collect his car from Enslow and he unfortunately picked up a thorn on the tow path near his car. I am beginning to think that I would be better off filling the tubes with bathroom sealant.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


There are many things that could be forgiven despite how distasteful they are. There are somethings that deserve only derision and disgust. This is the shit pump I bought about two years ago. Some f**ing arse has nicked it off my roof. They are the lowest of the low. These people can crawl under a snakes belly. They are beneath contempt. And will if I ever find them never walk again.


So if you know any boater who has recently come by way of a shit pump please let me know And I will introduce them to a friend of mine the Hebble hand spike.

If you are the scumbag that knicked my pump make yourself known and face up to me or fester in the cowardly puss filled life that you lead.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Fresh  from her debut in Tooley’s boat yard that famous actress diva and all round good gal was devastated last night when at around 10.30 her beloved motorcycle caught fire whilst parked next to a blazing car in the car park at Thrupp.

DSCF0309There is little left of her pride and joy, the kickstand did however  survive.

DSCF0315The intrepid firemen.


Neighbours came to give their condolences (note Gilly colour co-ordinated. The red slippers were her second choice. “Blue didn’t match her silk dressing gown,” she said.)

DSCF0304L to R Lillian, Gilly, Ian, Bones, and Dave

The new mooring wardens thought the explosions were the farmer shooting rabbits so didn’t attend. This is, of course, an easy mistake for townies to make (it’s a learning process).

Monday, 1 August 2011

Give me strength!!!

I was right, when I said in ‘Snippets’,

The canal seems to attract copious quantities of stupid people.

On Saturday I saw a man and a woman, from a Willow Wren Cruiser, hanging one on each beam of the lift bridge to open it. I said to the woman who was the only one I could see at that time that the bridge was electric. She waved a BWB key at me and said, “We don’t need it”.

“No, you don’t,” thought I, “You both need a slap! A f***ing hard slap!