Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Bad and the Worse

Same pub different bar staff. Both are not full measure and as such they should never have been put on the bar (under brewery self –regulation rules) but I know which I would prefer. At £3.25 the cheapest I have yet found. but the one on the right contains about £2.95 of  Guinness whilst the one on the left contains about £3.10. No that much really is it? During the 13 years of the last Labour Government measures like this stole £5 billion from our pockets.




Skippy said...

This is why I think more people should use 21 fl oz glasses, as such the beer is filled to the 20 fl oz mark, and the 'head' can sit above that.

Mick said...

But did you get a shamrock put on its head by the barmaid?


MortimerBones said...

The one on the right is a short measure, but the one on the left is a bit short of head! I really like the creamy head on a pint of guiness.

John said...


Good point about short measure, until the end. The people to blame are the Brewers and increasingly the Pub Cos. They pocketed the £5b and none of them are traditional supporters of the Labour party. This Tory led government won't do anything about it either.

Every time a short pint is placed in front of me I ask for it to be topped up - I hope you do the same.

You could also join CAMRA and help them in their campaign for full measures.


Andrew said...

Maffi, you old grouch, surely you know that Guinness heads are an essential part of the drink? The one on the left looks a little too full to me, and the one on right is near-perfect!

John said...

Hi Maffi,

Not a comment, but are you aware that the drop down box next to 'comment as:' is not working - took me ages to find a work around.


Maffi said...

Every sixth pint served like the one on the right the money might as well go straight into the publicans pocket because we have already paid for it. Every tenth pint for the one on the left. This is daylight robbery.

John said...


The money doesn't necessarily go to the publican. In some managed houses, the Pub Cos' figures (for what they are due from the landlord) are based on the landlord being paid for more pints than there are in a barrel.

Skippy (above) is right, lined glasses are the only way forward. Then those people who like a head on their beer (and are currently paying for thin air) can get it whilst the rest of us will get what we paid for - a full pint of liquid.


Julie said...

Having poured many a pint in my swiftly increasing years, I had/have always presumed Guinness should have a head on it. How would you get LESS head than the pint on the left????
Unless all pubs use larger glasses with a pint marker this will never be rectified, but then most punters want the blasted thing filled to the top!!!!

Maffi said...

Like a lot of things Julie it is 'assumed'. A pint is a pint that is what I pay for if the brewery want me to have a head on it they need to put it in a bigger glass. If the petrol station served its litres that short we would all be up in arms.