Wednesday, 9 November 2011

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After the weekend I set off on my way to Hawkesbury.

In Rugby I passed JimSmile on nb Black Pig a Thruppian of sorts.

I only travelled as far as Newbold Tunnel before deciding I would moor up. I moored in front of a green boat which seemed familiar. A lady stepped off and walked towards me. “Hello Maffi,” she said. To which I replied "Hello, I’ll be with you in a minute”. I carried on mooring up still not knowing who she was. She started talking to the chap behind me who had stopped on his bicycle and I apologised saying I thought she was talking to me. “I am,” she said. I turned around and clocked them both and was face to face with two of the nicest people I have met on the canal. Brian and Julie from nb Tumbarumba.Smile

Well I haven’t seen them for about four years. We spent the night in The Barley Mow and downed a few Guinnesses (or is that Guinnessii) while catching up on all the gossip.

The next morning (Tuesday) I awoke about ten and there they were, gone! Sad smile

I stayed all day and even collected two bags or rubbish, which is a good thing because the contractors who came later, to cut the grass, would have shredded the litter in to thousands of pieces.

Today, when I arose, I took Molly for her morning jaunt and there on the fresh cut grass was the biggest turd I have ever seen. Pah!  Sad smile

I picked up a few scraps of litter that had been deposited since yesterday and was heading to the rubbish bin when who should come under the bridge, but nb Oakfield ably crewed by Bottle and Mrs Bottle, Keith and Anne.Smile

Well it has been a while since we had met up so tea was offered and they moored up for an hour.
Then they went! Sad smile

I pootled off to All Oaks Wood which is only three miles away. It was dark by the time I arrived. It is a really nice spot. Very quiet.Smile

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