Thursday, 3 November 2011


Blogspot is the company who provide me with this system so I can sit here and spout off about stuff and nonsense. I write my posts in Windows Live Writer then click on the publish button and away it goes to Blogspot. Other than setting up the basic parameters of ‘my’ blog I have nothing more to do with it and it refuses to have anything more to do with me.

Some people are having trouble posting comments in one way or another. This has nothing to do with me. I have tried to speak to BS but like all large companies they have a system that doesn’t include themselves in the process. There are forums you can join to talk to geeks that enjoy the hell out of confusing people, but life is short.

If it is any consolation I am having the same problems as you.


EDIT: The problem seems now solved thanks to Adam.


Adam said...

I've investigated the problems with posting comments, and found that it happens only on blogs where the comments are embedded in the post. If the settings are changed to show them in a new window, there's no problem.

If you're having the problem posting a comment, to answer is to untick the box wich says 'Keep me signed in', and the comment then posts OK.

Maffi said...

Oh yes that seems to work!

Maffi said...

However the other way has always worked for a number of years.

Allan said...

That works for me , thanks Adam . I thought it was just me that had a problem.