Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Coventry Cathedral 2

This seems to look like a bit of H&S gone mad. This is the font. Yeah ok technically one could drown in it, but I think the electric wires dangling over the side would get you first.



Martin said...

An electrified font with a deep water warning? Someones having a laarf surely.

Wozie said...

I thought the font was a big boulder from Bethlehem with an indentation in the top for holding a little water, what happened?
I paid to tour the place and thought that this was it's best feature btw.
When asked by the posse at the exit if I enjoyed it to their amazement I said no. When asked why I said it was rather soulless and not to my taste. Of course it may come to life more during a service. nb Oakfield

Carol said...

love it!!

Anonymous said...

Looks a bit big for a font, more like a bapistry for total immersion, complete with heater.

Doing the job properly as some 'God-botherers' maintain;-)

These are the guys who make them, yours for about 2 grand!

Chris W

Maffi said...

Thats the word I was looking for, same difference.

Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi

Great idea. Plug it in, get baptised and meet God at the same time.



Wozie said...

it's a would make a grand birthing pool wouldn't it?
nb Oakfield