Saturday, 26 November 2011

Dead in the water.

Its amazing how in the first four months of this year 10 people who were totally unable to walk a straight line thought it would be a good idea to walk down a towpath, this being the last journey they ever made. This is in comparison to 12 people in the whole of last year.

I suppose it could be a good idea to fence off the whole canal, but then we probably would see more deaths as inebriated punters tried to walk along the top of the fence. ‘Safety’ is not necessarily the best solution.

Once a person is three sheets to the wind his/her decision making process is shot. There is simply no stopping a drunk from doing as his/her drunken mind will want. Whilst the death of anybody is to be regretted neither boaters nor BW should feel in any way to blame. In life shit happens. Each individual is responsible for his own safety in the first instance.

The Missing Persons charity want emergency services to carry water scanners to find bodies sooner.  They wants new technology to be used so victims of water course tragedies can be found and identified sooner,  this would mean everyone carrying a bleeper of some sort showing where they were, but guys who are ‘not drunk’ would surely object.

No, the status quo has to be maintained, and that is for the individual to take responsibility for themselves. After that it has to be down to abdominal gas to bring them to the surface.

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