Thursday, 10 November 2011


Today I am at All Oaks Wood. It is a lovely spot, just south east of Brinklow. Two weeks ago I removed 4 bags of rubbish from the car parking area.

All Oaks Wood car parkDSCF1417

I was pleased that I had made a difference however temporary it might have been.



This morning I collected another 3 bags. Plus a further 2 from nearby, 2 more along the tow path to bridge 34 and a Porta Potti not 20 feet from where I moored.
DSCF1356DSCF1524What were these people thinking of dumping a Porta Potti on the towpath. It appears to be in good condition apart from the lid hinge is cracked.


FLUBs that’s what they are FLUBs!!!



Alf said...

Doesn't look too bad, going to put it on e-bay ?

Allan said...

Super Glue