Wednesday, 16 November 2011

From Coventry

I set off from Coventry about lunch time. I dont like the canal from Hawkesbury to Coventry, its dirty and abused. I cleaned up no litter on the canal apart from at Longford Bridge, but I did do the Basin. On arrival back at Hawkesbury the same three boats were on the water point that were there Friday. So I have no water, there being no water in the basin. I did go up the lock but was reluctant to get water from there so I came back down again, collecting a bag of rubbish from around the lock including a disposable nappy. Some people are disgusting!

It was getting dark when I arrived at Marston Junction  and turned on to the Ashby just one more mile and I moored up at bridge 5.

After dinner I went to the Corner House for a Guinness the price list says £3.15 but the girl said said its gone up. “But that’s the advertised price you have to sell it at that price,” I told her. She was adamant. Even at £3.20 I think its the cheapest pint I have had since I set off.



Carol said...

Hi Maafi, George here from Rock n Roll. Your argument about the price of your Guinness is incorrect, this applies to all goods advertised in shops as well. The price displayed is called 'an invitation to treat" and in law does not have to be the price it is sold at so you cannot insist on that displayed price. The seller can withdraw or change his offer at any time. If the barmaid had been aware of this, you may not have been served your Guinness at all, so be thankful for the thirst quencher you did receive!

Happy drinking!!

douglas said...

Hi Maffi,

glad to hear you are tasting the Guinness at all the pubs you pass.

Lovely drop of damson gin I had the other day ... some old Maf sent it down hte canal to me. Many thanks.

Will send some of my home brew back up with the next meseenger, and then we can compare notes.

Hope all is well


Martin said...

I believe the lady was in the right - the advertised price is only "an invitation to treat". The contract is made when the beer is offered and accepted and money changes hands. Hopefull someone who really knows about this stuff will give us the chapter and verse.

Maffi said...

I am surprised that two of you cant spell 'cheat'. Surely it is 'Invitation to cheat'. What a stupid rule. How dumb can it be that a publican is required by law to display a price list yet the prices do not have to be correct. What a waste of government time making the law in the first place!

A Rival Wild Pyramid said...

There is a law preventing the continued use of incorrect price lists (and for food and beverage retailers more specific regulations as well [much fun in my old job]).

Incorrect price indications are an offence under s20 Consumer Protection Act 1987.

You will need to establish that the retailer has not made every effort to correct the indication - ie go back in and try to buy several more Guinnii over some days if the price list hasn't changed. Evidence the price list and actual transaction cost and then get the local Trading Standards involved.

Since it's a pub, you may care to get the local CAMRA branch to send the heavy mob round...

Anonymous said...

Hi Maffi,water just outside the basin

Maffi said...

Not a lot of good if I am in Hawkebury.