Friday, 18 November 2011

Water points!

I complained to BW about the three over stayers on the water point at Hawkesbury Junction. Yesterday I received a phone call from the ‘over stayers department’, who are going to investigate.

They went to great lengths to explain  what the procedure was and I felt like I was being given the option to withdraw the complaint.

The chap went on to point out that there was another water point just past Hawkesbury Junction as if that was a reason for people over staying on water points. Water points should only be used for filling with water and not full time mooring. I suspect that these itinerants were waiting for the ice to set in so they didn’t have to move all winter.

Anyway thank you BW!


the grumpy porter said...

BW do really seem to be pathetic in enforcing any bloody thing, what's difficult about getting down there and sorting the piss takers out. Why should you have to move to the other water point. I seem to remember when you overstayed by a day BW were soon on the mobile to you, why cant they do the same with these tossers.

Jo Lodge said...

Well done Maffi, it will be interesting to see if they have moved when we go back that way.
Someone said to me a couple of years ago when boaters were moored on that water point, that there were two others to use, so what does it matter grrrrrrrrr. It flippen matters because others will see it as the norm and do it. Lets hope they get moved.

Steve said...

Perhaps if you moored along side them and ran your dripping hose over their boat they might get the message. I'd be inclined to take a long time filling up and make all sorts of noises as you went about tidying up the boat while you wait.

They might get the message..... but then again they might not.

Wozie said...

Result, one had moved on when we passed by.

Maffi said...

Are you coming this way to the basin.