Wednesday, 16 November 2011


raf-long-service-medal-lrgI took out my medal on Saturday and polished it for the service on Sunday. This was probably only the second time I’ve polished it since I left the RAF, 14 years ago.

It is the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal known in the service as the Undetected Crime Medal. Winking smile
This medal can only be held by an Officer if he earned it as an OR hence relatively few Officers hold it.


Tom and Jan said...

Or could it be officers don't get the medal because:

1. They aren't clever enough to avoid being caught.
2. They are so clever they never get caught.

Unknown said...

Add the fact that it's for long Service and few officers do the stretch.

Maffi said...

Tom If 2 applied the that is undected crime/

Graham you do have a point,