Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Last weekend

Sometimes life gives you the best surprises. Mortimer Bones came to stay for the weekend. It was like having royalty to stay. I am sure it is the same for her when I visit, but she would never admit to that. Pah!

Molly was so glad to see Boots. He feigned indifference, but I know Boots too was happy. The evening saw the Queen of Canalboat cooking a very nice steak (I think she has been practicing).  Then we went to see some fireworks with the dogs.


Sunday took us for a long walk down to Barby Marina, well marina is probably a bit too enthusiastic, its a big puddle, marinas usually have pontoons and facilities neither of which are present at Barby despite what the web site says.

In the afternoon we went off to visit the cathedral at Coventry with Pete and ELizabeth nb BELLA. It is probably about 20 years since I was last there (during my god bothering days) its still as fantastic as I remember.


Sunday evening while Bones went to dine with P&E I set to roping up some tyres I had acquired from another boater. Cessna main wheel tires. Now drilled and ropes spliced on they will make good fenders for Bones and Kate. Four tyres cost me a bicycle, Bones provided the rope.

Monday morning came all too soon and Bones had to leave to visit her ailing Mother. It is surprising what one girl needs to bring for a weekend away. The car was well full when she left.

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