Friday, 11 November 2011

Oh look!

Here I am back in Ansty. You remember Ansty, I think I was very polite about it two weeks ago. Well not this week. Ansty is the puss bucket of the UK.

DSCF1548Piles of Boasters rubbish and bags of dog poo.The sign I attached ripped off, the bin liner ripped open and the bin crammed full again. Why do I bother?







I took another 5 bags of rubbish from Ansty but I didn’t take this lot BW will have to deal with it.

And to top it all my Argos litter picker was swept off the roof by some over hanging twigs. Pah!


There are 15 bags of litter here from two sites plus the Porta Potti and a traffic cone and a kitchen door which nearly filled a dumpster. My personal rubbish for the last three days amounted to only one carrier bagfull.


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