Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ashby Canal

So my long sojourn at Hinckley has come to an end. The people in the houses have shouting matches at 4 in the morning. I have been on the canal since Tuesday and travelled less than 6 miles. Taking in two stops. Boots was suitably exercised and has been returned to Mort who arrived at 10. I set of after 11, stopping at the marina for my first fuel since I set off only six weeks ago. I was heading for Stoke Golding. On arrival I found no where to moor with any depth in it, and a whole load of hire boats along any good edge. In fact in the whole journey I had to keep bang in the centre. At Bridge 31 trying to round a right hand bend with the tiller hard over the boat went straight and landed me on the bottom next to the towpath. I have always thought I was 30” in the water but when I had the boat blacked, back in September, it was measured at 24”. Why this canal is so shallow I don’t know. Its no wonder Keith and Jo on Hadar are having trouble up in front. Anyway I finally found a place to moor at Sutton Cheney, through Bridge 34 on the right past the water point, which is very pleasant. I have now travelled 155 miles Which is over 25 miles a week. Or averaging 3.6 miles a day.

The mooring is a 48 given over to Winter moorings, ‘Permit holders only’ Pah! There was space for probably four sixty footers and there was only one 35 foot boat there. I kinda figured if no one was there they were not very good as winter moorings. It will do me for the rest of the weekend.

Needless to say I picked up a bag full of rubbish in the area.



Mike George said...

Welcome to the Ashby Canal!

BW have set aside a load of 48 hour moorings as winter moorings but nobody wants to take them up.

The shallowest is yet to come, but it's much better than it was during the summer. Just keep to the middle of the channel and you'll be OK, but all the moorings are shallow.

Graham & Jill said...

There are casual moorings up the Ashby, it's just nigh on impossible to find them. As for shallow, ask Ian on Gosty Hill.

Maffi said...