Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Bert the Gnome has been active as a commenter on the blog recently and has has his own Holy Grail similar to mine. Even though he doesn’t have a boat yet. Bert, better known as Ross, walks the tow path taking photographs and removes any litter he finds. Not having a boat yet makes his towpath clearing activities all the more impressive. Well done.

So there I am rinsing my hand pump out when along walks this chap and says “Hello, Maffi,” quickly followed by, “I’m Bert the Gnome.” 

“Ah hello,” says I. “I cannot shake hands as I am a bit unclean,” is what I meant to say, but I probably said something disgusting.


Ross has found a source for litter pickers that is a good bit cheaper than Argos. Here. At £3.25 they are a bargain. It would be nice if everyone had one then we could all get out there and clean up.

DSCF1465Nice to meet you Ross. Stop by again if we are both in the same area. Keep up the good work.

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Allan said...

Cheaper is not always best