Tuesday, 13 December 2011

All Oaks Wood

I was very disappointed to see this today. I have previously taken 7 bags of litter out of here.



Mike and Poppy said...

We moored for the night quite close to this point last March. The car park was busy with "comings and goings" during the night. There were a number of rubbery things discarded there the next morning.

Maffi said...

Thats one thing I didn't find there.

Kevin Ronnie said...

Hi Maffi- I was visiting my mates yesterday (Tues), just passed All Oaks Wood, as you tootled by. I thought you were pulling in but you were just letting Molly back on after a jimmy riddle. Excellent manouvere, I may add. I was going to shout 'slow down' to prompt a stern look but bottled it! You do look manacing in that big coat & hat get up...... Anyway, the local tykes have turned over a boat last weekend at All Oaks & vandalised my friends car, busting both wing mirrors & scratching every panel with a key, even adding a ''Ha Ha' in the boot paintwork. This weekend should be interesting as we know who they are. I continue to despair and the 'litter & poop' saga.... It's an f..in disgrace.

Happy travels matey

Kevin Ronnie

Maffi said...

Keep an eye out for my buckey just up from the waterpoint opposite you.