Friday, 23 December 2011

Best wishes to Tom and Jan

When it comes to the old Bulldog spirit you just have to applaud those  Antipodeans, Tom and Jan at Waioru.  Despite the many problems they had with their builder who’s name will not be mentioned here again, Kiwis Tom and Jan have set to getting their hull back to its original state and rebuilding their boat. Many of us would have given up when confronted with the destruction of the boat that we had lovingly designed for our retirement together, but not Tom and Jan.

Few of us can imagine what it must be like to  be so badly treated by a builder, yet despite all the heartbreak, they have shed their tears screamed their anger and started again. Currently the blog talks of the construction of the black water tank, the gas locker, and the diesel tank. Instead of talking about how they are building it they should have been able to talk to other boaters they meet around the system about how long the b/w tank will last and how many hours the engine will run on a tank of diesel, how they are enjoying the life they chose.

It must be a gut wrenching sight to see the vandalised paint work every day, but Tom and Jan plod on relentlessly following the dream. A life on the water is what they wanted and a life on the water is what they are damn well going to get, and the builder can go to hell!. No rogue builder is going to stop them. I have not met them, but hope; when they have finished their long task, to meet them out on the cut. 
I wonder what happened to that asshole.


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Maffi,

Thanks for the kind words.

We have met some really wonderful people since arriving in the UK and are enjoying the opportunity to actually see Waiouru rebuilt!

Realising a dream isn't supposed to be easy. However the rougher the road the sweeter the reward!

We are very much looking forward to getting out on the cut sometime in the first half of next year and start meeting fellow bloggers & readers.

Merry Christmas

Tom & Jan

Allan said...

So sorry to hear of Tom and Jan's troubles, lets hope all goes well in the new year for you both.