Sunday, 11 December 2011

Endless task

Spent the morning collecting three bags of litter down the first 5 Atherstone locks add to that the 4 I collected earlier in the week and that equals a very dirty Atherstone (although now its clean).
My total in the last weeks since Napton is 72 bags +1 TV + 1 porta potti + 2 traffic cones + one lid of a wheelie bin and one mooring pin.

DSCF2262There is an increasing amount of prop foul. It seems that few, if any, once they have cleared their propeller ever bother to take away the rubbish. They just dump it on the towpath. This is folly. Some yob will come along and kick it all back in where it will await for the next unsuspecting boater to come along. Often the contents of your weed hatch will fit in a carrier bag. So why not bag it and put it on the roof and dispose of it at the proper place. It isn’t difficult!

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Allan said...

Endless task but self rewarding