Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I am making a habit of this

Panic entered the boat yesterday as I came to the realisation that my wallet was nowhere to be found. Now if you know me you will know that I can lose anything on the boat. So even after two searches of the boat I wasn’t particularly worried. I did retrace my steps after deciding I might have lost it on the tow path when out with Molly. Off I went back down the locks to see if I dropped it while taking pictures but to no avail. I passed a Thruppian’s boat, Jim who is also on the CC circuit at this time he wasn’t home. Having now walked a few miles I decided I needed some refreshment and stopped off at the Kings Head.

Jim the Thruppian was sitting in the corner of the bar. We had a long catch up, after all I haven’t seen him since Rugby. While there I received a phone call from Mark Paris of Thrupp. Mark had received a phone call from a chap at the marina that was the limit of my walk this morning. The chap asked if he knew me? Well Mark of course said “No” mainly because the name on my bank card and the name everyone knows me by are not the same. Eventually he caught on and took a number which was the reason he phoned me. I was reunited with my wallet. I shall be eternally grateful to the wife of an American chap who found the wallet and to him for making the effort to find out who I was and get  in touch. There are such nice people on the cut!


KevinTOO said...

How lucky are you? I suggest you do the lottery this week!

Allan said...

Know that feeling now I have a chain attached to wallet attached to me never lose it again

Phil and Sally said...

I think you were very lucky this time. mind you im the same and lose anything and everything thank god I have Sally to look after me.