Sunday, 11 December 2011


I wrote some time ago about a site called ‘Litter Heroes’. Just looking at their site today I came across their ‘Cotswold Litter Heroes’ page. This is something that could be adapted to the canals. I think it would also be a thing that local authorities could fund being as it is mostly tax paying locals that seem to litter the canals.The cost to the LA would be quite small for the amount of work done and there would be no need to employ anyone to organise it. The Cotswold Litter Campaigners are supplied with bags, litter pickers and Hi-Viz vests by the LA and insurance. Volunteers can go online see what areas are not currently being cleaned and select one that suits them. It is so simple.

For the canals those boaters who live in one place should be able to keep their area clean (they could even help with cutting back the overgrowth). Other boaters could make a point of clearing up the towpath where they moor, up to half a mile in each direction. Anyone else who wants to take part could simply take a a bin liner or two with them when they go out walking.  I paid a couple of pounds for a pair or those red rubbery drain gloves today, so you don’t even have to get your hands dirty. How easy can it be? So can we give it a go?

I reckon if I could get 100 volunteers we could clean the Coventry Canal from Hawkesbury to The Basin in one or two days. Yes the whole lot! I am not just talking about the towpath, but all the rubbish you can see from the tow path. All the bridge surrounds, all the little pocket parks, the civic art works the lot! But then the Everly Brothers come to mind …..Dream, Dream, Dream.

But we can try can’t we? We can all try! Please.

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