Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Middle East

So the troops have left Iraq, and the terrorists have waged a bombing campaign. I am sorry, but If you show me anybody who did not expect the bombing in Bagdad after the troops moved out I will show you an absolute idiot.

That any politician could believe that it would all work out belief beggars. It is simply not the Arab way. Now that is not racist it is a simple statement of fact. The Arab nations have vastly different ideas to the west and will not come easily to the table. While there they will talk the talk because that is what they think the west wants to hear. After leaving the table they will decide what they want to do  and if that is in opposition to what was agreed then so be it. The western politician who can sort out the Middle East has not yet been born. Or if he has we are still waiting on his second coming.

Across the ME the Arab Spring has given rise to demands for Democracy. That is not to say Democracy as we know it but as they know it. The two do not compare.


No Direction said...

Couldn,t agree more mate, have a good Xmas.

Infotainment Lounge said...

This is the first time i am visiting this site. Thanks for sharing your information. Its a reminder that you need to stay sharp in everything you do.