Sunday, 4 December 2011


I am in Nuneaton between bridges 19a and 20. The mooring is clean………NOW! I have never seen a stretch of towpath with so much doggy doo on it. Not just on the grass edges but on the path itself. I have so far removed three bags full of rubbish. I know that boaters are apt to dump their rubbish in places they shouldn’t, but the sheer volume of rubbish is certainly not down to boaters, not to mention the dog crap. I think I will write to the council and suggest that as their taxpayers appear to be such a dirty disgusting bunch of social misfits, that they should help to clean it up.


Mike Griffin said...

Suggest you do a social profile of Nuneaton... it's the pits.


Maffi said...

Do you live there Mike?

Jo Lodge said...

Mike says Nuneaton is the pits, perhaps it would not be so bad if people cleaned up after themselves and their dogs. A place is only as bad as the people who live there.

Ray Oakhill said...

You should try boating through on a loaded working boat - guaranteed to run aground or have the butty 'elum lifted off in a bridge 'ole. It must be the arse'ole of the Midland waterways. Get out ASAP!

Ray Oakhill

Keith said...

If you think the doggy doo is bad in Nuneaton, just wait until you get to Polesworth and Hopwas. The latter is truly the crapital of the canal system