Tuesday, 20 December 2011

OHGood Lord

Its been a whole week. I bet you were all worried. I thought I might be having yet another detached retina and so I went off to Oxford to see the specialist eye hospital there at the JR. All clear! I did however leave my laptop charger on Bones' boat and have been powerless to use the laptop despite having several chargers on the Milly M. DELL are odd in that they have an hexagonal connector, which none of my others have ergo no Internet.

Here I sit in the Internet room of Banbury library hence this diatribe. Ah! I hear you say 'Banbury is not oop norf' and you would be right, although it is norf of Oxford. I thought I might go home for Crimbo being as I have a few things to deal with down there in the new year. Not least of which is a driver awareness course in Heyford. Naughty me got caught doing 35 in a 30 zone. Poo!




MortimerBones said...

a driver aware course! You kept that one quiet. When is that? Oopsie

haggis said...

Glad you are Ok. I was getting worried!

Sue said...



Les Biggs said...

Pleased all is well. Have a nice Christmas.