Friday, 9 December 2011

Remember, remembering this.

Well do you?


I had an email this week from the Traffic Department. Well I would because I wrote after the last email to ask them if they had understood my concerns about the sign post.

They said:

I believe the priority signs were installed over 10 years ago. Since then the responsibility for Highways has changed Authorities and there has been much staff turn over. Consequently, I am unable to trace any record as to why the sign was located exactly where it was. However, the presence of underground services can often influence the exact position of the post.

You may notice that the post is planted in a cut trench, so there is a man that can talk out of his arse.

They go on:

As you are probably aware the sign itself gave westbound traffic priority and as such needed a sign and give way markings to halt eastbound traffic. However, since the sign’s erection the former factory access has been upgraded into a full junction. Consequently there is no room for the necessary give way markings. We were therefore concerned that retaining a sign telling westbound traffic they had priority, without indicating where eastbound traffic should stop, could have more serious consequences.

As a result we felt that it would be prudent not to indicate any priority especially since visibility over the canal bridge has improved since the construction of William Lucy Way.

I hope this answers your query.

That’s a ‘no’ then


Allan said...

Typical Bureaucratic bull shit when they dont have a proper answer.

Andy Tidy said...

So pram pushers and the pram occupants are obliged to step out into the incoming traffic..... great.