Friday, 30 December 2011

Signage! Signage! Signage!

The Electric Wharf Footbridge which has a span of 30 yards across the Coventry Canal and was completed in August 2006. It is about a 1/2 mile from the basin.322eIt is very impressive. Unfortunately it leads from the back of a skip storage yard on one side and an industrial site on the other. The bridge spans a about 40 foot of water, and the end to end walking distance is about 150 yards. It is a lot of bridge for such a narrow piece of water. BW are to be applauded.
This sheet of laminated A4 paper screwed to an odd size piece of ply, fixed to the bridge using cable ties is how BW chose to inform the canal user (boater) about the bridge. I don’t know who paid for this bridge but I would have thought that the signage would have warranted a bit more money spent on it than £0.30p. Perhaps some senior member of the BW board might consider using some of his unearned bonus to put up a proper sign.

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