Wednesday, 28 December 2011


We live in strange times. The internet gives us the opportunity to reach far peoples we could never have reached in the past unless we were international journalists. I have on many occasions written about the Middle East, Islam and from time to time received threats of violence even the ultimate ‘death’ threats. Last July I felt the need to report one such threat to the police. Christmas Eve I wrote on this blog about the Middle East, something I don’t normally do (I have other blogs for that). That post only received two comments. One, No Direction, agreed with what I said, no ifs ands or buts. The other probably did agree with me, but being the sceptic I am, I didn’t read it that way.

This is the first time i am visiting this site. Thanks for sharing your information. Its a reminder that you need to stay sharp in everything you do.

The first line says, to me, that this is someone for whom English is not their first language. That’s fine I have visitors from 174 countries, at the last count, they can’t all have English as a first language. I love it that people from across the world come here to see what I have to say.

However the third sentence might be worrying. You or I would probably have said,

‘Its a reminder that we need to stay sharp in everything we do.’

He, however said,

‘Its a reminder that you need to stay sharp in everything you do.’

This is in keeping with other threats I have had. I am sure in this case that it is simply semantics, but it does worry.

Top ten visiting countries over the last 21/2 years are:-

United Kingdom


United States






New Zealand












Azerbaijan has been here on 9 occasions in the last week, that is scary, as is Iran, which turns up from time to time.

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BigJohn said...

I wouldn't worry about the comment. It's an advert to increase his site's hits -there's a link to a website. Best thing is not to publish comments like that.