Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Watch the old ‘uns

I watched this dog have a dump. Clear as day. I throttled back and asked the old biddy if she would like a bag to clear it up.

“What?” she said.

I repeated my offer and she said, “He only had a wee.”

“No mam,” says I, “I definitely saw lumpy stuff coming out of his bum.”

“Oh no,” she says, “he was peeing.”

“Madam you are required to clean it up.”

She ignored me. I am not surprised. Obviously an ignorant old biddy.

DSCF2322This took place in Nuneaton just a few hundred yards north of the Boatyard.


Wozie said...

We had the same problem with an lady at Froghall, but we did manage to get her to remove it. Unlike the man who watched his dog do-the-doo walking towards us. We had a long 'discussion' and it turns out he only picks it up on pavements. We couldn't persuade him remove it and he walked on.

Pengalantyblog said...

H'mmm! I have seen similar experiences on the GU. I'm just waiting for the opportunity of a refusal to pick up the solids from an owner's dog and I'll do it for him.

However I will continue to clean my hands on his outerwear - much better than walking it indoors on my boat -

I can always wash my hands afterwards, of I don;gt have one of my doggie bags (Or should I say nappy bags?)