Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Fast off the block

Narrowboat Buccaneer just came past. I mention this because they were travelling at a respectable speed. I popped my head out of the side hatch and thanked them.

“Thank you very much sir. You are a gentleman”

“What for?”

“For passing at a respectable speed. The last few came past here this morning like rockets.”

We’ve noticed that over the last few days. There is no need for it.”

The previous few boats had literally hammered through. One (about 40 foot) leaving the water point on full throttle and exceeding the speed limit almost before he had travelled his own length. When I asked ‘him’ to slow down ‘she’ said we have only just moved off! They weren’t youngsters either.

At what point in history did it become the norm to accelerate off a mooring like your tail was on fire? I just don’t get it, but this seems to be the way of boating these days.

Is it acceptable? Is it necessary? What is the logic behind it? How can we educate people people not to do it? Which brings me to my future post about the compulsory  boat pilots licence. Watch this space!


Oakie said...

Which brings me to my future post about the compulsory boat pilots licence. Watch this space!

What's this all about Maffi - tell us more.

Maffi said...

Well I will but its like . . . . .in the future!