Friday, 31 August 2012


As all us boaters know our water supplies are limited on a boat. How long it lasts depends on how frugal we are with it. Once empty its off to the water point. I am of the ‘fill it up at every tap’ brigade when I am on the move, though currently moored up I tend to let it run out. So at the water point we all get the hosepipe out.


Hosepipes are one of our most important pieces ancillary equipment. They channel the water we use on our boats into out tanks. This water is used for washing, drinking, flushing, etc. Given that we drink the water we supply to our boats why is it that often we pay little attention to the hose pipe. How often have we seen people drop the hose end in the canal? Why do so many treat their water supply equipment with such little respect.
Hosepipes come in many forms, but we should endeavour to use a food grade hose. I notice hire companies tend to use blue hose which I assume conforms to the FSA standard. I, like many many others, use the conventional yellow hose in a windup box.519J3DFY4QL__AA115_ I don’t know if flat hoses come in food grade but I have never been able to understand the logic of people wanting one. Yes they don’t take up much space, but every time you use one it has to be rolled out completely  and laid without twists to get a trickle from it. The last time I saw one being used it was full of holes.
260820121233This flat hose is laying over the cratch

I have seen a flat hose that you don’t have to unwind. It is made from three smaller hoses laid side by side. I cannot imaging the connectors are cheap.

Whatever sort of hose we use I do think we should pay more attention to our hoses. After all we drink our water so we should keep things clean.

I have never quite understood the mind set of the ‘jolly boater’ who brings his shit box out across your front deck while you have an open water feed.


James and Debbie said...

Hi maffi - I was told that a flat hose was useful in the winter as no plugs of ice can form inside. Our hose is just 50 odd foot we cut of our garden hose before our tenants moved in.
I have now added 'soak the 'ose in the bath with some Milton tabs'to my to-do list.
Cheers - James

nb.bobcat said...

I have got food grade hose and it is a right pain in the xxxx as it doesn't coil nicely because it is double thickness. I am considering microbore or would that be a real bind for different reasons? I keep both ends stoppered when not in use so creepy crawlies can't make themselves at home and I let it run through so the stale water from the hose doesn't go in the tank. I do not let it fall in the canal. I do not let the ends touch the towpath either. If someone jolly boater crossed my deck with his shit box whilst I was filling with water I would be extremely annoyed indeed!