Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I really find it irksome when people use the phrase ‘foul language’ or the ultimate ‘snob’ remark, “Can you not have sensible conversations without using rude words?” I am incensed by such people who  think they should be the arbiters of good manners and my spoken word.

I cringe when I hear “I am no prude but I do think it is good to be able to express yourself without resorting to ‘foul’ language”. This is the height of snobbery because they use incorrect grammar while pretending to be something they are not, genteel ladies and gentlemen. What they really mean is ‘bad’ language. ‘Foul’ is far too strong a word, ‘bad’ is more than adequate.

We are not allowed to use certain words because they are insulting and derogatory but if we want to insult someone then ‘insulting and derogatory’  words are exactly the words you need to use.

Yes it is good to express yourself without resorting to ‘bad’ language but in all honesty it just doesn’t have the same momentum. Recently I called someone a ‘pompous arse’ who was trying to lord it over me and make out that being as he was a Social worker he was better than me. He came back with a poncey ‘nasty man – no bad words used’. Now say it out loud and tell me what sounds more of an insult ‘Pompous arse’ or ‘Nasty man’ . Nasty man while not necessarily the nicest thing you can say to a bloke is not exactly an insult it is simply descriptive. ‘Pompous arse’ is a proper put down especially when referring to a part-time Social worker.

I love a good swear. That has nothing to do with my inability to use words that you find acceptable, (read my work here) but more to the point that sometimes they really are the only words that fit the situation! If you think any the less of me because I said this then you too are a pompous arse. I have mixed with princes and paupers and can hold my own with them all.    

Shakespeare said ‘fuck’ ‘shit’ and I think he said ‘bollix’ and a whole host of other words that we will find in the dictionary. It is not the job of the lexicographer to dictate to us how to use words, they are merely collectors of information. We the people determine how words are used, if ‘f**k off you twat’ fits the bill then it is the right thing to say. The lexicographer is duty bound to record that as an acceptable usage, be it good manners or bad.


Greg Bryant said...

Maffi, if you insist on wanting to be a writer then you really should consider using the occasional apostrophe. Your grammar is horrendous, you tosspot.

MortimerBones said...

The problem comes when people are best known for swearing in anger,. For those who are not trained to swearing they learn swearing is aggresive. This can greatly confuse communication because one person is swearing away and the other person is busy with a few other tasks....reminding themselves the person isnt angry, and also getting through the amazing use of swear words to work out what the non swear words are and thus the context of the conversations.

Even I have been known to ask someone to reduce the number of swear words in their casual tales as I sometimes find it too hard to hear the point of a story because of them.

Swear words are no substitute for good language structure, just like anger is no substitute for discussion.

People swear or get angry, (sometimes), because they want to. They dont actually care whether the other person can modify their behaviour, they just want an opportunity to let steam off. The steam that should perhaps be directed at themselves rather than the person on the end of the diatribe.

I do tend to find discussion about swearing more amusing than the actual use in communication.

Maffi said...

I have no idea what kind of animal a Greg Bryant is, I can only think he belongs to the Pompeous arseii genus.

If GB you are suggesting I need an editor then the post is open, but I might suggest you read some first draft Geoffrey Archer before you apply. Compared to him I am a modern day Bill Shakespeare.

Allan said...

Fuck umm, thats what I say Bro and you will notise, I used a capital F and, I'm not even angry. LOL

Anonymous said...

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