Saturday, 15 September 2012

At Last

170920121238Well it took a while. I first applied last October then again in about May and after complaining on Twitter last week a kind lady asked me to resubmit my application. I sent it directly to her and she walked it down to the badge office and took it through the process. It arrived yesterday morning.


Dave Bradshaw said...

My veterans badge didn't take quite as long as yours to arrive but when attempting to open the pin it dropped off so its still in the box in two bits Wear yours with pride.Dave Nb Sokai

Paul and Elaine said...

Good on Ya

Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

While I am not British, I thank you for your sacrifice on behalf of other like us.

Sue said...

Congratulations Maffi thoroughly deserved, I am sure you will wear it with pride when you can.

Well done :-)