Friday, 7 September 2012

From the CRT

Hi Maffi

I’m Jonathan in the Canal & River Trust media team. We haven’t met, but I’ve had the pleasure on Twitter.

Anyway, I am arranging a briefing next week to go through the results of the bi-annual Boat Owners Survey. It’ll be an opportunity to take stock and go through boater demographics, what they think about waterway upkeep and maintenance, value for money, customer service and lots more.

Importantly, Vince Moran (operations director) will also be there to take questions and discuss what this can mean going forward for budgets, spending priorities and other boating-related issues.

The meeting is at the Trust’s new office in Milton Keynes (above the train station) at 11am on Friday 14 September. I see from your Blog that you’ll not be boating far for the time being. However, I wanted to invite you nonetheless on the off chance you can make it. Please let me know.

Kind regards


I have been on my boat 6 years now that means there have been at least 3 maybe 4 bi-annual surveys. I have never been asked to take part in one that I can recall. So now they want to talk to me!!!


Malcolm said...

My natural cynicism makes me wonder if they've finally decided to invite you because they think you won't be able to attend due to your injury.
If they offer to send a car to collect you that would prove they value your presence!

Anonymous said...

Never let it be said that I may be cynical BUT maybe they thought your injury would prevent you being able to attend! Let's hope not!


Maffi said...

Great minds think alike!

Allan said...

Or could it just be, that now after you have had the experience of 6years living on the water, that they just might (I know it’s a BIG might) but just might value your input. As you have blogged about what they have been doing wrong over the years, they feel now is the time to actually listen to what you have to say. On the other hand it could be to get you on side and silence you once and for all. Either way what have you got to lose. If it’s the latter then you will know, that they are just blowing smoke up your ass. They on the face of it are like a sweet called Turkish Delight full of eastern promise but never deliver the goods. Words that I have come to relate to them are Negligent, Wasteful, neglectful and pompous these are just a few, but I’m sure there are many more that you know of, as a man of letters.
This it is merely my opinion it has no more importance than the writing on a toilet wall.

Allan said...

So did you make it to the meeting on Friday what was the out come. Did they vote you onto the Board of Directors as if.

Allan said...

Well what happened????

Allan said...

So I take it you did not attend so you have nothink to report.

Anonymous said...

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