Monday, 3 September 2012

Manly Ferry

Many people come to say hello down here at Thrupp. Sue and Vic nb No Problem are becoming regulars. People passing along the Thames come up the Oxford and try as they may cant avoid me. At the weekend Paul and Elaine form The Manley Ferry, but currently named Caxton because Paul liked the paint job and didn't feel the need to change it, were on the water point. I thought theirs was one of the blogs I read regularly, but obviously not or I would have know about Caxton. Moored  behind them aboard nb Nexten was Terry who as it happens is normally moored next to Tom Crossley. As soon as Terry heard Paul mention my name he knew who I was. So we all had an good hours chat while water filled the tanks. You can expect a picture of me and Paul on the Manly Ferry site soon.


Fran, nb Tamara said...

I too saw you about a week ago when we passed your way, but I was so overcome at seeing you in the flesh that I simply thanked you for operating the bridge for us. My hubby said I should have told you I read your blog but I thought you might consider me a madwoman! So I'll say it now, love your blog.

Maffi said...

Fran if you come back this way you must say hello I wont bite you. It's not like I am a celebrity or anything is it?

Let me know where you are I may be passing near by on my winter tour.