Friday, 14 September 2012

Scottish Canals

It’s amazing. Katie Hughes, who is the Director of Estates at Scottish Canals, must have been receiving lessons from BW/CRT. Lesson’s in ‘Exaggeration’. According to her Scottish Canals have 25 million visits a year to their 135 miles of canal. I don’t think maths is her strong point?  25 million divided by 135 is 185,185 visits per mile. Divide this by days in a year and you will see that on average 510 people travel each mile of towpath every day. If you work on a 10 hour day a Scottish boater has 51 people walk past their boat every hour. Their towpaths must be getting a hammering.

What is even more amazing is that they have lost 65 miles of canal in the short time they have had control. BW always quoted 2,200 miles CRT now quote 2,000 miles Scottish Canals should have 200, but say they have 135. It not like the Scots to lose something.

They should do what CRT does and tie it all up with red tape to make sure it doesn’t wander off and get lost. At the current loss rate they will have no canals left by the end of 2014.

One question:

What happened to British Waterways Scotland?

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