Thursday, 11 October 2012

Winter Moorings

The winter mooring system this year is a farce. The online booking page at CRT is not working and the man responsible for it “has had to take unexpected leave” and “there is no-one who can take up the task”


I have left the blank lines so that those of you who know me can fill in as you see fit. It saves me getting stressed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maffi- A patrol officer knocked my friends boat last Sunday morning at 8.20am!. The reason? To ask them if they required a Winter mooring. As they had a 'proper' Saturday night' out, they were not amused. They commented that the berths were not on the website yet too.

Hope the knee is healing
Kevin Ronnie Hawkesbury

Neil Corbett said...

I started filling in the blanks in true Maffi style, then my language made me start blushing so I stopped.