Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Winter Traffic

I like to come away in the winter because there is less traffic, and less traffic means less waiting around at locks. I always seem to work harder when there are a lot of boats on the route.

Today while thinking about moving my boat to the water point there seemed to be an endless stream of hirers heading my way. Poo!

I counted 10 boats going up in the last hour and a half. I can’t see me getting on very well today. But I suppose at least if I get above Claydon top I won't have to worry about the closures there.

Oh shit! EXETER has just passed, (see previous post) fingers crossed. They have since beginning their holiday travelled over thirty miles passed through 19 locks and 5 lift bridges, not to mention hit several boats. They are still displaying rabbit caught  in the head lights mentality.

I suppose if I don’t go soon I will end up staying all night.