Thursday, 15 November 2012

All Oaks Wood to Tusses Bridge

Just prior to leaving All Oaks Wood nbSaville Cut came steaming past at about Warp 9. Didn't think I would see him again that day. However at Stretton Stop he had pulled in for water. I managed to pass him. All the way to Ansty he was not too far behind until I saw a big green bin liner in the hedgerow. Well you know me I simply could not continue.  I had to stop and pick up that bag. nbSaville Cut passed me and steamed on to his night mooring which was right by Bridge 15. You may remember last year I took this picture.


Well nbSaville Cut moored up there over night, except it now looks like this.


The poo box has been removed. I can only assume it is because the bridge has been removed and walking up from the next bridge was considered to difficult. Anyway it doesn’t matter now, it’s gone, and so it should be. Well done to the CRT.

I continued on until I got to Bridge 4 Tusses Bridge. I wanted to get there because I had never been to the Elephant and Castle. I never will. It has been closed down and is currently being converted into a rather large family home. Doh!

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