Saturday, 10 November 2012

Braunston to Rugby

I arrived in Braunston Saturday afternoon where I spent two days. Sue 1946 came to visit on Sunday. I met Chris and Jenni with the dogs. 8ch and Tilley moored behind on Sunday night. We had brekkers at Gongoozlers in the morning. Monday afternoon my 48 hours was up and I set off. Past the repaired bridges. Passing bridge 80 I thanked the man on the scaffold for his efforts.DSCF5243I moored just past 79 (which has been completed)DSCF5252In the morning when walking Molly I noticed a suspect Ash tree which was duly reported to the Trust. I set off late and moored at Hillmorton . I was there three days on a 14 day mooring, now I am in Rugby. I was overtaken by a snail at lunch time.

There didn't seem to be many pontoons at the BARBY Marina.DSCF5268