Thursday, 1 November 2012


DSCF5118Bit early but they are there in Spiceball Park


Anonymous said...

These are autumn cocusses (crocusii?) , I believe. Sorry don't know their proper name. They are a bit taller with bigger flowers than the spring crocusses.

Ann, who didn't know that the photo on your top page wasn't your boat. I have never met you, after all :-)

Maffi said...

Thank you for that I didn't know.

As to the other thing I was having a bad day. :~)

Sue said...

They are called colchicums, meadow saffron.

Mimi said...

Your right Sue, Colchicum autumnale
to give them their correct name. And very beautiful (if short lasting) they are too

Halfie said...

You can see a few more here: