Friday, 30 November 2012


When I was moored at Hopwas I met a man who was a bigger idiot than I am. I walked Molly up the towpath and back to the boat. On arrival there was a man with a loaf of bread feeding the ducks. I asked him not to feed the ducks there but to go the other side of the bridge or the ducks would wake me up a 5 in the morning expecting to get fed. He was mildly amused and kept on feeding the ducks. TWAT!!!

I pointed out that he was killing the duck by feeding them bread. To which he said, “See that duck there, it has a gammy leg . I have watched that duck since it were born, four years now and feed it every week he’s not complaining. When the ice is on the canal where else is he going to feed?”

He’s a wild creature he will survive without you.

Bread in water causes botulism in Ducks. They die a slow painful death.

Bread eaten by ducks can cause a condition called ‘Angel Wings’ which affects their feathers and stops them from flying so keeping them in range of foxes, mink etc.

Bread has no nutrients for ducks and affects their immune system. This can make them very sickly and easy prey for foxes, mink etc.

Of course the last point that zoologists never mention is that feeding ducks bread makes them tame. They will come and take bread out of your hand at which point is is a simple task to grab a duck and wring its neck then prep it for the pot. A lot of boaters know this trick.

So even though that mans duck has up to now survived it was more luck, than his care, that had kept it away from me! I am sure we have all heard of people living to be 100+ despite smoking 40 fags a day. It doesn’t make smoking a clever thing to do.


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