Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Gay marriage.

There are six states in America where Gay marriage is legal. Good! you might think, it’s a start. And it is, but there are 23 states where it is legal to have sex with a horse; so I have heard. Can you see the problem?


Let me explain. There are only six states where a chap can marry a stallion. Smile


Lamda Louis said...

Being Gay, by definition I'm interested in big willies. Would you mind sharing the list of states where a chap can legally have sex with a stallion (a gelding would do in a pinch)? While on the subject, you are by my definition in my jurisdiction, both a horse's arse and a big dickhead.

Maffi said...

And you sir have no sense of humour. Life must be very tedious for you.

Allan said...

To Lamda Louis your profile says it all empty just like you head.