Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lock Beam Poetry

When CRT came up with poetry on lock beams I imagined little plaques with poetry, but no we have bits of poetry routed deep into the lock beams. It will be interesting to see how much this costs. Not in installation but in early replacement of lock beams. I cannot believe that digging deep into the beam is not going to curtail the life of a beam.



Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Maybe they should have put "BEWARE OF THE CILL" on them all instead

Halfie said...

It's desecration.

Malcolm said...


Ian said...


I guess time, and CRT's willingness to maintain the beams, will tell. I'm sure CRT will make do and mend if they need to...that sseems to be the policy everywhere else!
I doubt plaques would last very long, especially if they had any metal in them!
Amidst all the scaremongering about this, no has asked "are the poems any good?"

Maffi said...

Well how will we ever know. Hilmorton has six locks together. ButI can't see boaters wandering around to see all the words and then working out which order they are read in top to bottom, bottom to top. And where can we see all the poems printed. Has there been a site published. Is she any good? That remains to be seen. Modern poets have strange ideas.

Anonymous said...

I just hope you are safe wherever you've reached today! Reading the Forum and seeing local news there's some horror stories about.

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