Monday, 26 November 2012

The Floating Bike Shop

This is from Graham at Tiller Cycles

As of now (October 2012) it is looking likely that I will not be trading from the boat in 2013, due to the intolerance of the newly formed Canal & River Trust. They have advised I will face legal action unless I comply with the Cruising regulations of my Trading Licence. Over two years ago I let BW know that this licence was not suitable for me and was encouraged that they were looking at the possibility of a Roving mooring fee for trading boats, for which I would be happy to pay. I move almost weekly to several locations to cater for my customers and it is this continuous return that they are objecting to. Yesterday they told me they are not interested in treating me as an individual and there is no plan for a Roving mooring licence. I am looking at all my possibilities including selling my boat, my home of almost 20 years. Customers that know me realise that I have been so committed to keeping the “Floating bike shop” open that I have been starting work at 5am at the increasingly busy land workshop. This has not been ideal and not good for my health, just like living somewhere were I now feel harassed by bureaucracy. If you have any comments on this you can fill out my survey forms (you can call it a petition if you like) which are at the land base workshop, the boat, and Wigrams Marina, or email the boating trade manager I hope you will continue to support me at the land base workshop, thank you.

The canal system needs traders. How long before other traders are pushed to one side. Apart from providing a valuable service they are also NOT on the dole!


Steve said...

So the very fabric that made the canals what they are today, that of working boats, is now being crushed by petty bureaucracy?


Oakie said...

Graham needs all the support he can get, as we really do need traders like this on the cut. He is certainly not getting it from CRT! What are they griping about? Do they think he is a continuous moorer? Are all the other boat traders going to get the boot too?An e-petition or PDF to complete and return would improve his chances I suspect.

grey wolf said...

I would have thought that a lot of tradeing boats do the same kind of thing but are contiusly moving about the system,I suppose then we are to look forward to static trading boat only. Not a good idea

Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi

You'd think the CRT would concentrate on dealing with continuous moorers instead of legitimate licenceholders.

It seems that Graham is going to get shafted despite his efforts to do the right thing.

I've emailed my feelings to Susie Mercer. I don't expect it'll help poor Graham but if it annoys her I won't have wasted my time.



Graham Moore said...

Here is the response I got from Ms. Mercer at C&RT.
I quote
"This is a response I have composed to send out to all those who have emailed me about this situation, so please forgive me for not picking up on the individual additional comments you have made about other boats, other locations and other matters.

We wish it to be known that we have tried extremely hard to accommodate Graham’s wishes in a variety of ways and are quite happy to continue to try to do so if he will engage with us. However, I am sure you will all appreciate that we must treat all our customers fairly and the rules state quite clearly that one must either cruise in accordance with the guidance for boaters without a home mooring or take a mooring.

Thank you for your interest.


Oh well......

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