Sunday, 23 December 2012


I have spoken about this before on this blog over a year ago so we are due a re-run. I know it’s cheaper than hedge-laying. But why oh why should we have to live in what looks like a war zone? There is a very neat well defined hedge behind this mayhem so who is responsible? Would it not make sense instead of smashing them to pieces to just clear the all these trees and shrubs away. This is nothing less than corporate vandalism? This is so wrong. Image1325It is wrong because it is ugly. It is wrong because it gives the wrong impression. It is wrong because it is destroys habitat.Image1326It is wrong because the damage done to the trees and shrubs makes it easier for transference of disease. Image1327It is wrong because this is nothing less than management thuggery.

Image1328It is wrong because it covers up any rubbish making it difficult to clear it. It is wrong because it gives the poo bag decorators somewhere to hang their shit with seeming impunity, because after all “they’re smashing the place up what’s a few poo bags?”

You will by now notice that I have not mentioned the sharp pieces of wood and thorns that are showered across the towpath. The very same sharp pieces of wood and thorns that penetrate our pets feet every year and not to mention the wildlife. There has to be a better way. Though I am not yet sure what it is, I will keep thinking about and keep asking questions. One thing I do know is that this is a nature park you don’t  go smashing around like a bull in a china shop.

It certainly seems totally incongruous the the Trust  is letting this happen while further up the canal they are building housing estates for voles and newts and making butterfly corridors and planting for insects etc. THERE IS NO LOGIC.


Wozie said...

Do you think this could have been done by the farmer, from the other side of the hedge?

Maffi said...

Yes it is possible, It doesn't matter who did it!