Thursday, 27 December 2012

Ignorant Northerners.

T’day we wus trea’ed to a reet bit ‘o Northern hignorance. Two elderly cyclists (60s ish) on mountain bikes rather than ride on the grass around us they stayed on the narrow footpath. Of course we were having a conversation ie talking to each other and were not concentrating on our surroundings, just enjoying our walk. These two old gits just rode straight through the centre of our group (3 adults and 3 dogs.) and had the nerve to have a go at us.DSCF6501The old biddy in yellow commented about ‘bloody ignorant walkers’ as she passed at which point I said ‘Well you could have ridden on the grass they are MOUNTAIN bikes a bit of grass wont hurt them..

“You should have got out of the way” she said giving the V-sign. “Well,” says I, “cyclists are supposed to give way to pedestrians. What was wrong with riding on the grass.”

“No they’re not,” more V-signs more bad language. Grand-dad spouted off about enjoying the tow path. Mark said, “We were till you came by”. She seems to have mental issues and he is an engagement freak. Absolute loonies the pair of them. Its always the same some ass doesn’t know the rules and starts telling others THEY are wrong. And for any one who thinks that it might be me read this from the CRT. I have underlined the bit where they were lacking.

Follow these hints and tips for a trouble-free cycle ride.

  • Avoid cycling where your tyres would damage the path or verges (e.g. when they are wet or soft).
  • Give way to others on the towpath and warn them of your approach. A polite 'hello' and 'thank you' mean a lot.
  • We recommend you obtain third party liability insurance and equip your bike with a bell or equivalent.
  • You must get off and push your cycle beneath low or blind bridges, and where the path is very narrow.

I think this constitutes a narrow towpath. There was plenty of room for them to cycle around us. I am pleased to say that not all northern types are ignorant shits.


Wozie said...

Not all tow-paths are suitable for cyclists and I think they spoil them by carving out a narrow groove which fills with water when it rains.
Pedestrians, especially boat dwellers, should always take priority over cyclists, but they are oblivious to this rule.
Maybe more signage pointing this out is needed. I liked Bone's idea, wait until cyclists approach, then jump in front of them, brave girl!

Skippy said...

CaRT removed the Cycle Permit for the tow path :(

Malcolm said...

Northern born, northern bred.
Strong in t'arm and thick in t'ead.

Lyraboat said...

A great number of cyclists could be classed as "urban terrorists"
Have you noticed that no matter what they seem to do the accident is never their fault.

Maffi said...

Yes Skippy they did. It was one of the first things they did. But then how many people bothered to print off as free permit anyway? I did ask CRT about it and they kept banging on about how many visits the page had but they could not say how many permits were printed off.