Monday, 24 December 2012

Its Christmaaaaaaaas

I got a visit and a prezzi yesterday. Both from nbCaxton. There I was sitting in my office editing a story I had written when a face appeared at the window. Elaine from nbCaxton drove out to walk the dogs and decided this was as good a place as any. I last saw Paul and Elaine earlier in the year in Thrupp as they were on their way through.DSCF6432

Now you might think this was a cake, a marbled something or other, indeed I put it on a plate to make you think just that. It is soap it is wrapped in a felt jacket so it doesn't wear away to fast. The jacket shrinks as it is used and when your soap is gone you can cut it open and put in some more. Amazing.

Elaine makes soap on her boat nbCaxton and has a range of holistic soap for various purposes. and they look like cake. Here is a shaving soap masquerading as a fudge brownie.IMG_2312


Malcolm said...

Now you have some products to help you maintain your new well groomed look and keep your face as smooth as a baby's arse...I mean bottom.

Merry Christmas!

MortimerBones said...

That looks fantastic!

Halfie said...

Yes, looks good enough to eat. Now Malcolm, wash your mouth out with soap and water! (as my mum used to say (except without the "Malcolm" bit).)