Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Mooring rings or not.

While at Bridge 98 on the S&W I met Madame Cholet (not not the Womble the Narrowboat). She was moored here just south of the bridge.

No she is not this boat. This boat was moored here over the weekend. Madame Cholet took his place after he moved off. The Chap on Madame C pointed out that the rings he had often used during his twenty years on the cut  had disappeared! He pointed them out to me. DSCF6260

DSCF6259You might think it could have been done any time, but it look reasonably fresh to me as was borne out by the other one which had clearly been cut one, maybe two, days before. Still shiny. The previous boat was there when I arrived late Friday afternoon so either he did it or he knows who did it. Perhaps he didn’t like people mooring on ‘his’ place.

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