Thursday, 6 December 2012


Can you at least confirm that this was indeed a Diwali project? 

Morning Maffi, I can confirm this was not a Diwali project.

Morning CRT I can confirm it was …

Your move I think!


Ian said...

The article is 7 year old.

Maffi said...

So what is your point. It was a Diwali project. CRT say no. They are wrong.

Naughty-Cal said...

In the scheme of things are a few broken lights in a tunnel that important?

Personally I would rather CRT on more important parts of the system like the flood damaged electrics on the Ouse and Trent locks or repairing damaged sections of canal and river banks to keep the waters navigable.

A few lights in a tunnel must be way down the list of things to do

Maffi said...

Letting £195,000 go to waste is a scandal. The installation was supposed to last only a few months so now it is just litter and if they are not going to sort it then it should be taken down.

You will notice it says at the top of the page "Maffi's Boat" so here I say what I want to say.

On your page you can complain about the flood damaged electrics in where ever it is that you hang out.

Kevin said...

Check Mate to Maffi on all counts :)

Ian said...

According to the artical inn you link:

"A Warwickshire canal tunnel is being lit up by rainbow lights in a bid to attract more walkers and boaters."

Yes the lights were turned on at Diwali, but the celebration of this festival does not seem to be the prime purpose, just something to hang it on. I can see why the person you were conversing with found it a little comical that 7 years later the Indian "community" should be asked for a few quid to fix something which was only designed to last a few months and with which they proabably had little if anything to do.
Of course, back in 2007 people were still throwing money round like it was water, which might explain this particular inproportianate waste of money.

Maffi said...

Maybe you mis-understood Ian. I am not for one minute suggesting that the Indian community should be made to pay to fix it. What I am saying is that if they knew about this they might offer to help. After all Diwali is their festival.

2007 or no £195,000 is not a short term project. Were that the case a generator set sould have been used instead of laying cables.